Our buying policy

Vinobilis’ buying policy concentrates in the first instance on Burgundies. Prices of Burgundy wines stay very firm because there is strong world-wide demand and very low production: of one grand cru, Romanée Conti, no more than 6000 bottles are produced each year – for the whole world.

visu_a2b_polachatVinobilis also invests in Bordeaux, both new and old vintages. Buying new wine (en primeur) at good prices to sell after a few years in storage brings a substantial capital gain.

Vinobilis buys from a number of rare wine merchants, making medium-term capital gains on its investment. For instance, Château Lafite Rothschild produces approximately 15,000 cases (dozen bottles) a year, for the entire world.
The investment portfolio also includes some fine wines from outside France, such as Sassicaia from Italy and the Spanish Vega Sicilia.

All wines bought by Vinobilis are given a valuation based on the latest auctions held by Christie’s and Sotheby’s in Europe, the United States and Hong Kong, and also on the basis of price lists drawn up by various leading wine merchants with a European reputation. This is the most accurate way of valuing the purchases with a view to their resale in the medium term – at the right moment, and the best price.