A world market

The market in great wines is a luxury market which works like any other market in top-drawer items (jewellery, works of art, prestige cars, &c.). For a clientele with a taste for luxury and the means to indulge it, world-famous wines are an impressive way of showing the world who they are.

visu_a2b_mondialAccording to the world-renowned wine-taster Robert Parker, the number of people who really enjoy great wines from great vintages is growing unbelievably fast, as new countries like China, India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Russia or Brazil come into the market, and other markets such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Japan grow bigger, while the acreage under vines of a Chambertin Clos de B├Ęze or a Petrus cannot be increased and there is nobody anywhere in the world that can match their excellence, nor any comparable terroir (soil). At this level, wine is a rare and highly prestigious luxury product, but one that is coming within reach of an ever-growing number of buyers.