What if the bond-holder dies?
Ownership of the bond passes to his or her estate.

What if I want to withdraw my money before the bond matures?
You can, provided another bond-holder is found to buy your bond.

What guarantees are there?
The investment is in a physical asset which is inspected every three months by a court official. There is a life policy on the company’s two buyer/shareholders, for the total value of all bonds issued.

Is the value of my loan guaranteed 100%?
You can fully guarantee the value of your loan by means of an Inventory Finance warrant for a monthly charge of 0.1%.

Can I increase my bond?
The bond amount may be adjusted at any time, but only in amounts of €50,000.

Can I have my interest paid in wines?
Yes, you can opt for “payment in kind” based on a list of wines which will be sent to you 30 days before your bond anniversary date.

Can I visit the cellar and see the stock of wine?
The cellar can be visited by our bond-holders at any time, if accompanied by one of Vinobilis’ managers.